Purchase Cloud Recording Service

How to buy cloud recording service?

You can purchase directly in the App, go to Settings > Purchase Service, and you can purchase different days (7/15/30 days) of storage solutions according to your needs.

When will I view the cloud recording?

When you purchase a cloud video recording service, the plan will start immediately after purchase and the service time will start to be calculated. If your camera includes a cloud recording service, the plan will start immediately after registration and the service time will start to be calculated.

You can choose whether to enable/disable cloud recording and a weekly recording schedule in the camera settings page later.

There is one video file every 10 minutes, so you can start playing back your video file after 10 minutes. If the camera has not been disconnected within 10 minutes, don't worry, Skywatch will record to the last moment and still have a video file.

Why do I choose cloud recording instead of NAS (Network Attached Storage)?

Skywatch cloud storage server chooses highly secure Amazon and Google servers. You do not need to worry about the loss of files caused by hard disk defect, you can save the time because you do not need to set up the NAS and studying how to set up the camera.

Some users choose to run NAS and cloud at the same time, which may lead to a conflict between cloud settings and NAS settings, increasing the service burden.

How to use Sure Record?

When I use the cloud recording service, can I not record if the network is disconnected? At this time, you can enable the "Sure Record" function. When the network is disconnected, the memory card on the camera continues to record. When the network is reconnected, the recording data is supplemented to the cloud server to ensure space-time continuity and record all the time.

Please insert the memory card into the camera and format it first. Then, you can enable "Sure Record" on App's camera settings > Constant recording. Please note that once "Sure record" is enabled, you cannot access the "Local Recording" list to avoid deleting important recording files.

* Suitable for HomeCam 2, ProCam 1, ProCam 2, ToughCam 2 and ToughDome 2. ToughCam 4 and ToughDome 4 have no SD card slots.

MicroSD cards recommended list

The following models support micro SD cards: HomeCam 2, ProCam 1, ProCam 2, ToughCam 2 / ToughDome 2

HomeCam 2 supports up to 32G / ProCam 1 supports up to 64G

ProCam 2 / ToughCam 2 / ToughDome 2 supports up to 128G

The compatibility list is shown below:

How to choose the size of the memory card?

32G can be stored for 3 to 5 days, 64G is 6 to 10 days, 128G is 12 to 20 days (HD quality, and varies according to the environment)

Using Sure Record, the network disconnection usually does not exceed more than 1 day, usually 16 or 32G is enough.