Installation & Warranty

How to choose CamLock?

First, choose the Network camera according the shooting place. ToughCam 4 and ToughDome 4 are outdoor cameras and ProCam 2 is an indoor camera. Second, choose the Yale lock according to the door thickness and type. If you have inner door and outer door, you can choose and auxiliary digital door lock without changing the door knob.

Support Lock list: Yale YDR323 DM+, Gateman WV-40 , Yale YDM4109+, YDM3109+, YDM7216 and YDM7116.

Could I install CamLock by my self?

When you purchase Skywatch CamLock, we offer professional installation service for free.

What are the contents of the standard installation?

  • Standard installation within 10 meters (camera and gateway).

  • Special materials or drilling holes in the wall will not be constructed.

  • If you want to install the cameras, you need to have 2 Mbps upload bandwidth per camera.

    • Outdoor cameras: ToughCam 4 and ToughDome 4 require a physical network cable and power supply (AC 110V/DC 12V).

    • Indoor camera: ProCam 2 can set up via wireless, so only need power supply (AC 110V/DC 12V).

  • If you need to install a PoE Switch, please inform when you schedule appointment for installation.

  • Skywatch CamLock Basecamp pack includes gateway and Door lock Z-wave module.

  • Gateway needs to be installed in the door, and the unshielded environment is within 5 meters from the door lock to get the better signal.

    • The power (AC 110V/DC 12V) and network are required.

    • To avoid the signal interference, the gateway is not suitable to be placed in the iron cabinet or the thick cabinet.

  • If you need to install a WiFi network extender due to the distance issue, please inform us when you schedule appointment for installation.

Tell me about the network bandwidth requirements for Skywatch cameras.

Each camera generally consumes less than 1 Mbps of upload bandwidth. It may use less for static scenes, and may consume almost no traffic at all when not being used for remote viewing or recording. We do however recommend you to allocate 2 Mbps upload bandwidth per camera, so as not to interfere with other Internet users in the same network.

How do I know if my door can be installed?

Check the thicknesses of your doors first. If you want to evaluate whether your door is suitable for installation, you can refer to the example to provide photos, note the door type, the thickness of the door, and send it to [email protected] or add our official line @skywatch.

How long do the warranty last on CamLock?

CamLock has a 2 year warranty from the date of purchase. During the warranty period, the machine is professionally judged to be defective, naturally damaged, free from human factors or affected by natural disasters.