When the door lock intrusion alarm is triggered

When the door lock intrusion alarm is triggered, please confirm whether the scene is safe and secure. If it is an intrusion alarm triggered by operating behavior, you can use the following methods to cancel the alarm

  • Use Skywatch View APP remote lock/unlock

  • Use registered card or fingerprint

  • Use valid passcode

When the door lock cannot be locked or unlocked

If the door lock cannot be locked or unlocked due to product problems, the master will be arranged to deal with it on site in 3 hours. If the replacement of small parts does not affect safety and door closing and opening, it will be arranged to deal with it within 1 to 2 working days.

Please call Yale 24-hours customer service line 0800-31-4109

When door lock cannot auto lock

If the automatic locking sensor is pressed for a long time, it can be locked automatically, but it cannot be locked automatically after closing the door.

Please send the video of the above two actions to [email protected] and we will confirm it with you.

If the automatic locking sensor is pressed for a long time, it cannot be locked automatically, please call Yale 24- hours customer service line 0800-31-4109

When the APP remote lock/unlock cannot be used

Please check the deadbolt first, if it is possible to get stuck during the switch, so that can not be switched completely. If you confirm that the deadbolt is normal, please try to add a always passcode to confirm whether it can be added. If you have been unable to add, it may be abnormal module or bad signal, please contact Skywatch customer service.

What should I do if the door lock out of battery?

All door locks have a low battery alarm, and the mobile app will also remind you. It is recommended that you replace all batteries (alkaline AA) as soon as you see the low battery alarm. Please be careful not to mix old and new batteries. it is recommended to use alkaline batteries. If you encounter a situation where the battery is dead and cannot be unlocked, you can buy a 9V square battery and provide emergency power from the outside to unlock.

Gateway is disconnected for more than 30 minutes

When the Gateway is disconnected for 5 minutes and 30 minutes, it will be displayed on the timeline page and send notifications (if you have enabled).

Please check the power and network status of the Gateway. Please check the led status below:

  • Normal:

    • Red steady on + blue blinking

  • Not registered on the server:

    • Red blinking (slow) + blue blinking

    • Please confirm whether the external network is normal. For example, the Chunghwa Telecom network can be connected normally. In this case, the internal network is unblocked but cannot be connected to the external network normally.

  • No internet:

    • Red steady on + blue LED off

    • Please make sure that the network cable of the Gateway is connected to Chunghwa Telecom / WiFi router normally. In this case, there is no internal network.

  • No power supply:

    • Red LED off + blue LED off

    • Please confirm that the Gateway is properly powered on.

If the above network and power have been confirmed, but still cannot be ruled out, please contact us at [email protected] or customer service line 0800-777-568