Basic Settings

Create your Skywatch account

Choose an email address that you use as your account, and then you can specify the notification letter and reset the password. After registration, please go to the email address you entered to receive the authentication letter and click the authentication link.

Start using

After logging in to the app, you will see "My Device" (or a self-defined group) first, there will be a camera preview and a door lock control button on the group. Press the "LIVE" button in the camera preview to directly watch the silent stream. Click the preview to enter the event or cloud recording ; the door lock control button can be directly remotely switched, and the status update time will be displayed. To view the Activity or set the passcode , click the arrow at the upper right of the button.

Turn on real-time streaming auto play

After the real-time streaming function is turned on, you can directly start streaming without clicking the "LIVE" button.

How to open?

  1. Go to settings page

  2. Turn on Autoplay

Currently only supports Android 6.0 and iOS 11 and above.

Design your own automation rules

"Automation rules" can help you realize the linkage between multiple devices and make your access control management more intelligent. For example, you can set the camera to capture video when the door lock is unlocked, which is convenient for you to review and inspect the personnel.

Automation CamLock Rule

How to add "Automated Rules"?

  1. Go to rules page

  2. Tap "+" in the upper right

  3. Select the trigger type ex : door lock > unlock

  4. Select the triggered device

  5. Select the action type ex : camera to start recording

  6. Select the device to perform the action (multiple choices)

  7. Click "✓" on the top right to complete the rule settings

"Start recording" will trigger a recording file before the event (door lock unlock/lock), and different rules can be set according to what you care.

○ A camera located outside the door:

  • If you want to see who opened the door and come in → Add "When the door lock is unlocked , the camera start recording."

  • If you want to see who opened the door and go out → Add "When the door lock is locked , the camera start recording."

○ A camera located inside the door :

  • If you want to see who opened the door and come in → Add "When the door lock is locked , the camera start recording."

  • If you want to see who opened the door and go out → Add "When the door lock unlocked , the camera start recording."

Setting a door lock passcode

You can set the always or schedule passcode. It is recommended to use the random number button on the right side of the passcode bar. You don't have to worry anymore when adding a password.

Start sharing passcode

You can use the sharing function when you enter to the password list, so you don’t have to worry about input errors when you are sharing!

How to use it?

  1. iOS: slide the password bar to share it / Android: long press the password bar to share it

  2. Select the way you want to share after tapping it (support e-mail, Line, Messenger)

Set the event of camera

Skywatch cameras and cloud infrastructure are designed to notify you when irregular activities happen around your camera. This may include when the camera becomes offline, detects video motion, is tempered with, or when its sensor terminal is triggered. You may configure relevant event sources and actions from the "Event Setting" section inside the camera settings page.

The "Event Interval" means the shortest interval between two valid consecutive events. When it is configured to be, say 10 minutes, and when a second event occurs within 10 minutes of the first event, this second event would be discarded by the camera or the server.

In addition, Skywatch cameras ProCam 2, ToughDome 4, and ToughCam 4 all include a free 48 hours cloud event recording (ER) service, which stores important events on the cloud hard disk and can be watched anytime and anywhere during the period.